As 4Stelle re-awakes from the early afternoon break, parents get ready to pick up their children from school. Some people return from work, tired, whilst others take over at the picket line

We are the future

There are approximately 80 children under the age of 13 at 4Stelle.

Many of them were born during the occupation.

On 6 December 2012, whilst the 500 occupants entered the hotel, Ahmed, the son of Sudanese man Zoer, was born.


13, Peru and Algeria

Family of Fikir, Ethiopia
Room 152

School and Citizenship


Tarik e Fatima, Morocco
Room 202

Petru Family, Romania
Room 231

Sobhri and Hamza, Tunisia
Room 612

Mohammed son of Aziz, Morocco
Room 304

Valentina and Islam, Romania Morocco
Room 412

Zeina, Mohammed and Fallou Serigne, Senegal
Room 521

Nasser and Fatima, Algeria
Room 156

Mimi, Ethiopia
Room 108


34, Italy

The meeting

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