With nightfall the frenetic pace of life at 4Stelle slows down: it seems the perfect moment for talking softly, for listening to stories about the closing day, for being in good company or for an unexpected toast.

New travellers

If for a while the Eurostars Congress was a place where tourists who found themselves in the capital for work or pleasure spent brief stays, today 4Stelle is the home of hundreds of travellers who arrived in Italy in search of their fortune, having crossed the desert or ocean and who knows how many thousands of miles.


35 years old, Sudan

Fikirte, Sudan - Political refugee
Room 133

Organizing themselves


Amadou, Gambia - Asylum seeker
Room 224

Hamdan, Sudan - Political refugee, Aziza, Ethiopia, Hail, born at 4Stelle
Room 401

Ghedeon, Eritrea, Abay, Ethiopia, Amen, born at 4Stelle
Room 306

Intsar, Sudan - Political refugee
Room 607

Muzyn and Muna, Ethiopia - Political refugees, Manal and Imran, born in Italy
Room 521

Intsar and Abid, Sudan - Political refugees,
Room 108


34 years old, Italy


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