4Stelle awakes early in the morning. Some leave at dawn to go to work, whilst others accompany their children to school.
Those that remain at the hotel look after the home.

A multi-ethnic apartment building

500 people live in the hotel: many young couples with children under the age of 3 and as many families with older children or an elderly relative to support.

Single people are in the minority. The total number of nuclear families on the hotel's books is 218.

Of the 218 nuclear families, 52 come from the Horn of Africa, 85 from North Africa, 20 from Sub-Saharan Africa, 28 from Eastern Europe, 29 from Latin America, 4 from Italy and 12 of them are mixed nationality. Around 20 families have obtained Italian citizenship after many years of renewing residency permits.

Fikir, Ethiopia
Room 152

Ibrhaim, Morocco - Valentina, Romania - Islam, born in Italy
Room 412

Rabia Alì, Libya
Room 215

Anna, Ethiopia
Room 302

Zeina, Senegal - Serigne Fallou, born at 4Stelle
Room 521

Eugenio, Moldova
Room 244

Agnes, Nigeria
Room 142

Nasser, Algeria
Room 316

Petru family, Romania
Room 231

Mimi, Ethiopia
Room 108

Ramsi, Tunisia
Room 410

Ninish and Tezfai, Ethiopia
Room 127

A house to build

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